Buying fake traffic?

do not buy trafficWe work hard every day to generate real human traffic to our sponsors but there are a lot of compagnies who sell traffic. Fake or real? And why?

Okay, some are selling you real website traffic, more or less. But why? Why don’t these traffic selling compagnies not use their traffic to monetize it themselves?  The answer is very simple; it’s worthless traffic. They buy the leftovers from desperate webmasters who are eager to earn some money.  Other compagnies and sellers on Fiverr or similar sites are just selling fake bot traffic. And yes, we tried it. Especial the Fiverr gigs are fun to try, you see browser referrers you have never seen before !

So we wonder why are people still buying traffic? One possibility is for testing purposes. Trafficbot is a good source for bot traffic for testing they also accept adult. Also even fake traffic “could” add value to your site. You keep page view and impressions up so you could charge more for advertising space.

What about compagnies like PlugRush? They offer clicked traffic, pop traffic and redirect traffic for both desktop and mobile. We have run a simple test with 50K  German traffic. A massive 36% was direct traffic… probably bot traffic. The rest cam from a large list of referring blogs and other sites with names like,, etc..  not a surprise, not one conversion. But what do could you expect for just $50 !

TIP: use YOURLS to track your bought traffic

Want really cheap traffic? Buy your own bot 😉

Update: 05-06-2018:

Found a traffic seller a while ago and thought it would be a nice addition:  ( yes, a ref code )

When you go to the FAQ you will notice the first question right away:

 Is the traffic real?

It is automated traffic, we use real web browsers with automation to create it, it means the traffic looks like real human traffic just doesn’t make purchases. We guarantee that you will see all the traffic in your Google Analytics.

Of course, the name trafficbot already suggests the obvious; a traffic BOT Even more, they explain their point of view about bot/fake traffic in a clear and understandable way. Let’s leave it in the middle if their approach works or not… at least it’s clear what you buy 😉


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